Green Vibrance is a famous superfood powder by Vibrant Health. The company selling this product is extremely helpful to us by describing their product clearly and providing information that many other green drink producers do not.


There are many reviews of this product available, I hope my Green Vibrance review will steer you in the right direction.



Including 32 raw foods and more than 60 ingredients overall, Green Vibrance provides an excellent range of nutrition. In fact, on the actual label of the product, the ingredients are categorized under the health benefit they provide. Click here to view the label and full list of ingredients on Amazon.


Green Vibrance also provides the exact amount of each ingredient while most green drink companies do not. This transparency by Vibrant Health is very reassuring to make sure you’re getting significant amounts of each ingredient, this means that the superfoods are in amounts that will bring great benefits to the body.


Described as providing trace nutrients to every cell in the body, GV certainly defends this claim with its impressive array of ingredients. The amount of probiotics in this formula is 25 billion! GV’s competitors pale in comparison. Additionally, there are many digestive enzymes and a ton of fiber. This, of course, is on top of your basics such as fruits, vegetables, grasses and herbs.




One of the unique characteristics I loved with Great Vibrance was how straightforward its producer is. You know exactly what you’re getting in this green drink.


The size of this product relative to the amount contained is fairly decent. The impressive nutritional blend of this product makes it one of the best on the market.



It was difficult finding a con for this product. However, the taste wasn’t that great. I didn’t expect it to taste like candy, but this is a fair warning for those of you who care more than I do.



It’s uncommon to find a company as straightforward and honest in their labeling as Vibrant Health. Green Vibrance boasts and impressive nutrition panel and good price for its value. On top of this, VH continues to update their formulae as new research comes out concerning superfoods.  With such a great commitment to quality, I have no hesitation recommending Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance.


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